Homeownership, far beyond just a definition…

…is a sense of belonging, a feeling of financial security, confidence…as homeowners discover, living in an owned home feels different from living in a rented home. It’s not just that an owner can personalize the space; it touches a chord even more fundamental than that. Home ownership enhances the longing for self-determination at the heart of life. Home owners, young or old, radiate not only pride but also a sense of being where they belong. It cannot be duplicated by a lease. 

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With our founder Jason Vanbridge viewing approximately 20 to 30 homes per week, staying up to date on the latest market trends is our top priority. In fact, we can always tell our clients what’s happening in the market well before you hear about it in the media because we don’t just read about real estate and repeat it…we live and breathe it everyday on the front line!

What’s my home worth in today’s market? 

Toronto real estate prices have skyrocketed in the last 10 years with appreciation of 128%, more than doubling home values and consistently outperforming all expectations. Find out how much your home has increased in value and what it could sell for today. 

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“It is not what we get. But who we become, what we contribute
that gives meaning to our lives.” 

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